Obama (finally) finishes evolving on same sex marriage.

We had this last night. (Via the Blogrolled Jonathan Turley.)

North Carolina yesterday became the 30th state to ban same-sex marriage. Early results showed the amendment to its Constitution passing overwhelmingly by as much as 61 percent. The popularity of the amendment and key position of North Carolina in the upcoming presidential election appears to have prompted the White House to cancel an event in the state. President Obama cancelled a scheduled trip to North Carolina on the day of the vote. While Obama opposed the amendment last year, this week the White House was ridiculed by the media over the President’s refusal to support gay marriage and his insistence that his views were still “evolving” on the subject. The cancellation was widely viewed as an effort to avoid renewed questions over Obama’s refusal to take a clear stand on the civil rights question.

And this morning, we had this…

Yes.  I am happy about this.  And yes,  it’s a historic occasion when the President of the United States comes out in favor of same sex marriage.  (Compare with the previous President who proposed a Anti Gay marriage amendment to the Constitution because he wanted to start a dialogue about this issue.  Which is akin to starting a dialogue on Race Relations by bringing back Jim Crow.)
But not to sound churlish about this, the man really likes to test the  tensile strength of the phrase “Better Late than Never”
And to everyone who says that Obama’s going to lose votes over this stance. At this point, the only people who are going to disagree with him on this are people who wouldn’t vote for him even if he offered a new Federal Program subsidizing free chocolate.
Unfortunately, now every one who has called him a Muslim, socialist, Kenyan…whatever, will now have something new to call him.”Hmmm, Obama…that’s kind of a…fruity name, ain’t it?”
I don’t think any of us are looking forward to the photoshopped images that are going to come out of that line of attack.
On the plus side, I am looking forward to seeing what Biden makes a gaffe about next.  (Please be Net Neutrality.  Please, Please, Pretty Please.)

EDIT: 05/11/12 Had to replace an expired YouTube Video.


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