A plug for me and a friend.

Two quick notes:

1. “Tales of the Geek Nation”has been accepted into Smashwords Premium Catalog and is just starting to hit the online stores.  It can currently be purchased at Diesel-ebooks.com and should hit Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks by the end of next week.  (Still hasn’t been shipped to Amazon or Sony yet.  Maybe next week.)  I’ll be posting those links as they come up.

2. If you watched my 2009 vacation videos, you have seen Derek Sheen in action.  He’s a Seattle based stand up who currently running a Kickstarter campaign to make his first Stand Up Comedy album. He’s about 40% to his goal of $5000 and could use an extra push.
Here’s a sample of his work as he discusses the Travon Martin case.

And if that doesn’t peak your interest, here’s Derek’s mom asking for your support.

Seriously, how can you deny a woman who just wants to spend her twilight years getting blitzed on Irish Coffees? (Sidenote, I would totally steal this idea accept my mom doesn’t drink that much.)
Seriously, Derek’s a funny guy.  You should totally give him money because his album will be awesome!


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