About the Ambulance fundraiser…

It’s over.

A family member is helping with the bill and I’ve set up a monthly payment plan with the City of Ashland.  So the crisis has passed.
Which frankly is fine with me.
It’s one thing to leave a tip jar so people can drop in a few bucks as encouragement.  It’s another thing entirely to bray for money like I’ve been doing for the last few days. Frankly…it made me feel dirty.  And I was already feeling kind of that way by pimping the E-Book.  But at least with that, you’re getting something tangible with your cash.
Anyway, that’s over…and let’s never speak of it again.


About theragingcelt

Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker. talesofthegeeknation.com
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