Hulu Plus is about to turn into a Hulu Minus.

(H/T to Drew McWeeny for throwing this up on his Twitter feed.)

Via The Mary Sue: It looks like that if you want to enjoy Hulu Plus in the future, you have to pay for cable.

Hulu provides ad-supported content in the way of clips and full television shows and films to users. They also proved a paid subscriction service that still has ads but with more content. They also recently started airing original programming. But according to a NY Post report, Hulu is moving toward an “authentication” model. In other words, you’ll already have to have a cable television subscription in order to use the service.

This is not pleasant news to many who have purposely cancelled their cable services to go full streaming or to use other subscription services. Not all networks stream their content online but for those that do, the content is usually just ad supported.

The NY Post writes, “In fact, the move by Hulu toward the new model — called authentication because viewers would have to log in with their cable or satellite TV account number — was behind the move last week by Providence Equity Partners to cash out of Hulu after five years, these sources said.” This is similar to how the HBO Go app works now but Hulu is not the only one that will be making this move down the road.

“Fox, owned by News Corp., which also owns The Post, is expected to begin talks soon with Comcast on a TV Everywhere deal that will require authentication. Plus, Philadelphia-based Comcast is expected to switch to an authentication model for this summer’s Olympic Games,” they write.

I do not have cable right now because I can’t afford to pay fifty to a hundred bucks a month for a bunch of channels I don’t need. I pay eighteen bucks a month for Netflix (I still get Blu-Rays.) and eight bucks for Hulu Plus. And that’s the extent I am both willing and able to pay for television content.  TNT switched to this Model last year and as I result, If I want to watch “Leverage” I have to buy the episodes direct from the Playstation Store.  I have no problem with give John Rogers and his bunch my money because I love the show. I do resent having to jump through the extra hoop because the cable companies are trying to justify a dying business model.
This especially breaks my heart because of the deal Criterion made with Hulu last year to put swaths of their catalogue on line with them. And while I haven’t dipped into it as much as I’d like, I will miss losing access to a boatload of Chaplin, Bergman and Louis Malle because they want to soak me for the cost of keeping the Kardashians on the air.
Let me make this clear to anyone from Hulu who might stumble on to this blog.  If you go ahead with this, YOU WILL LOSE MY BUSINESS! And while I’ll admit that’s only a loss of $96 a year, I strongly suspect I will not be the only person who will make this choice.
So to sum up, you don’t want my money, keep this crap up! I can always use the money to add a couple more Blu-Rays to my Netflix subscription.

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1 Response to Hulu Plus is about to turn into a Hulu Minus.

  1. PirateJeff says:

    The only way they could shoot themselves in the foot more is if they broadcast their “cannot display ads” commercial at the maximum Mb/s could.

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