Not dead, just busy: Update on the E-Book.

Got the pieces picked out. Got the running order.  Preparing the manuscript.  And I can now announce to my non-Facebook Friend audience that I have a title.

Tales of the Geek Nation

Short Comedy Sketches
Stage and Internet
Richard Jensen

I’m halfway done importing the scripts from their original Celtx files to Microsoft Word.  I may give all the scripts an extra once over to bump up the funny. Also, I have to look through the Smashmouth Style guide to make sure the E-Book is properly formatted so it can be included in the premium guide. (Thus making it available for the Kindle, Nook and other E-Book venues.) And honestly, it’s making me very nervous. It’s like reading the necronomicon and trying to find the incantation that won’t result in my dick being eaten off by a slobbering demon.
The cover is still an issue. I managed to get the basic layout done myself. I got an estimate from an illustrator I wanted to use but his quote was out of my price range. So I’ve been experimenting with using either my personal photos or public domain images. I have a sinking feeling that this will be the last thing done before I hit publish.

Also, I’m doing something way cool that I think the Video Monkeys might dig.

For the folks on the Internet, I’m releasing these pieces under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Which mean you can use these pieces to create your own shorts. As long as you adhere to the following conditions.
1. Attribution. When you release the video, you must credit me as the writer and include the link of the E-Book company where you got the book from.
2. Non-Commercial. If you’re a bunch of college kids looking to hone your film making chops and want something to shoot, I’m your Huckleberry. However, if you put it on a DVD and try to sell it, there will be blood…in the legalistic sense of the word. (It would have to be legalistic. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength.)
3. Please. If you do a script, please do it as written. If you need to change one or two words because of a production issue, (Available location, non traditional casting, etc.) that’s fine. I just don’t want anybody dropping in a racist joke or a three page monologue about the glory of lint. Respect the script and we’re cool.

As long as you follow those conditions, feel free to go nuts. Live action, motion comic, claymation. I’m open to seeing what you can come up with. Hell, if I really like it (Or dislike it enough to make fun of it.) I’ll repost it on my WordPress and Tumblr blogs.

That’s right, kids.  You like these scripts and want to shoot them, you can! Just follow the rules above and it’s all good.
(Note to self: Never use the phrase “It’s all good” ever again!)

More later.

EDIT: 4/6/12 Corrected type of CC License.


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