RANDOM NOTES: March 26, 2012. (Housekeeping edition.)

-The E-Book is starting to take some shape. I’ve finished one of the three unfinished pieces and still have feelers out for the few I’m missing in the files. I’ve also been taking the time to study the Smashwords E-Book Style guide. And while I am certain that it’s actually simpler than it looks, I am finding it daunting.  But hopefully, I should have it ready in the next couple of weeks.

-If you to the upper right hand corner, you’ll notice that I’ve added a WePay tip jar.  I’m aware that Dwolla is a fairly new service and not everyone is signed up. WePay does take credit cards so if that makes things easier, terrific.

-However, be warned that blogging may be light for the next couple of weeks. I’m dealing with the E-Book as well as medical bills and my yearly dance with SalleMae over student loans.   If you’re a new reader, feel free to thump though the archives.  I’ve got a pretty good backlog of commentary and snark to thumb through.

-However, I do have to add one quick note to add. And this should satisfy my lefty asshole blogger quota for the week.
It has come to my attention that several Right Wing Bloggers have made efforts to smear Trayvon Martin’s name in an attempt to somehow excuse his inexcusable death. (Joan Walsh goes into more detail at Salon.com.)
There is in my mind only one appropriate respond to this.
“He was unarmed. He was shot. He is dead. Fuck you!”
Flame away, assholes! It won’t change the facts one little bit.

Also, can we stop saying that he was armed with a bag of skittles? (H/T to Derek Sheen.)

More later.


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