Decision made: I’m doing the E-Book!

Okay, here’s the skinny.
I only got one response on the previous post.  And three on my Facebook page.
The good news is they were all positive and said I should do the E-Book.
What can I say? I’ve done stupider things with less encouragement.
I have spent a good chunk of my day going through my archives for my old pieces. So far, I’ve found seven complete pieces and three that I never finished.  I also have feelers out to friends that may have the remaining ones.
I have created an account at They don’t take any money up front but take a sliver for each down load.
The only bugaboo is they only accept Microsoft Word Documents.  Which mean I had to pull out the Sears card and buy the program for the MacMini. Which means the first batch of down loads will have to go for paying for that.
So essentially, I have to gather up the remaining pieces, finish the ones that need to be finished, write linking material. (Forward. Short notes about the writing. Etc.) Make sure everything is properly formatted. And design the cover.
Needless to say, posting on the blog may suffer. (Fair Warning.) But at the end of it, I might actually make some damn money off my writing and get these medical bills off the books.
I will update when necessary.


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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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