A Question for my Internet Audience.

I got a letter from my insurance company today regarding “The Incident” and in a nutshell, it ain’t good news.
I got fucked in the ass by my $3000 deductible.
I owe the Ashland Community Hospital $1816 dollars and I have to call them tomorrow to make payment arrangements that will still allow me to pay all my other bills. (And it should be pointed out I have yet to see the bills on the ambulance AND the follow up visit with my regular doctor.)
Needless to say, I’m feeling the pinch. And I’m at a loss of what to do about it.
I can’t cut my expenses back any further. Hell, the only reason I even saw “John Carter” last week was because my mom took pity on me and gave me the money.  Imagine how that makes a middle aged man feel?
So, the question is how do I increase my revenue stream?
A second job is out of the question.  I work graveyard now and sleep during the day and it would throw off my already  precarious sleep pattern.
I could pull a PBS and run a pledge drive with the tip jar. But I would feel very uncomfortable constantly braying for money.
And then, an idea occurred to me. But I need to hear from you guys before I get started to decide if it’s worth the effort.
First off, please watch the video below.

This is a staged reading of a short piece I wrote a while back. I have a bunch of these in my files.  A couple of them I was able to shoot and post.  But most are unseen due to lack of venues or an inability to line up actors to shoot them.
My question is this.
Based on the above video, if I published an E-Book of several short pieces like that and offered it for between a dollar and two dollars, would you buy it?
And if you liked it, would you encourage others to buy it too?
This is not a rhetorical question. Please leave your comments below.  I’m not expecting to get rich off if this but it might give me some breathing space.
Thanks in advance for the input.


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2 Responses to A Question for my Internet Audience.

  1. Jeff Altemus says:

    I think it’s a good idea.

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