A brief health update. (Dietary Edition.)

It has now been eighteen days since “The Incident” and here’s how I’m faring.

No chest pains since. I had a mild discomfort this morning, walking back from work.  But I think I might have just been heartburn.
Heartburn has also been down since I’ve been using the acid blocker. I still have to carry around a bottle of nitro pills wherever I go, just in case.  But I haven’t had to use them yet.
I have also adjusted my diet accordingly.  For Breakfast (Between 2-4 in the afternoon.) I have a bowl of Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt with Granola and Raisins and one Honey Wheat Bagel. (And I’m priding myself that I’m holding myself to one bagel even though I’m really jonesing for another one.) I still have my two cups of coffee because otherwise, my brain would be foggier that it already is.
For Dinner (Three hours later.) I’ve been eating those frozen “Eating Right” dinners you get at Safeway with no bread. And for lunch (Between 12 and 3 AM at work.) I will have some meat and an apple.
On my days off, I usually have just one big meal.  And instead of Bacon and Eggs, I’ve been having a cup of Egg Beaters and two links of Apple/Chicken sausage and two bagels. If I could find a decent substitute for bacon, I’d jump on it in a heart beat.
(BTW, can somebody recommend a decent substitute for Hash Browns. I’m missing something crunchy for the breakfast and at this point, I don’t want to tempt fate by frying potatoes in oil.)
I have also only had one piece of chocolate since “The Incident”.  This has not helped my endorphin levels one little bit.  It’s making me wish my insurance covered blow jobs.
So let’s review, no Bacon, no chocolate, no fried foods, no red meat and it’s an election year.
If you follow this blog but are offended by foul language, you should bail now. It’s only going to get fucking worse.
(See what I did there?)


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