Personal Video: “Marching Forth on March Fourth”.

This is the video of the March Forth on March Fourth rally I was at. The video (And the speakers therein.) speaks for itself.  I do have a couple of quick notes I feel I have to pass on.

1.) This #occupy movement is not going away. Nor should it.  As long as there is a danger that elections can be decided by a bunch of deranged millionaires (Not named John Hodgeman.) and lobbyists run rough-shot over Congress, we have to make like the Who’s in Whoville and scream, “WE ARE HERE!”.

2.) My apologies to Joyce Segers, the Democratic Candidate for OR-02 running against Greg Walden.  She spoke at the event at the Armory after the march and SOMEONE forgot to hit the record button on his Canon HV10. (Someone=Me.) For those in Ashland on the 22nd, she’s going to be having a Town Hall Event at the Public Library.
If you can’t make it, I’ll try to post a video of it next week.

3. The music is courtesy of “Public Domain Protest Song“. A website created by Adam McKay (Yes, that Adam McKay!) to help inspire a new generation of singers and songwriters to create their own protest music.  Check it out.

4. From a purely filmmaking standpoint, I’m reasonably happy with it. There’s a couple of shots that could have been  edited tighter.  And I’m still getting the hang of cutting to music with the iMovie. But for the most part, it’s a good representation of the day.

5 Move to Amend is still organizing in cities across the country, building support to overturn Citizens United. If you have some extra coin or time to spare, please spare it.


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