Rush Limbaugh looks into the abyss…and for once, the abyss refuses to look back.

The audio on the below YouTube clip is a message from Rush Limbaugh to his affiliates. Listen carefully to the tone of his voice.

That is the sound of a man who’s wife has called the attorney after catching him balls deep in the maid for the umpteenth time.
The sound of the accountant who has just been informed that they found the second set of books.
The sound of the pederast who’s hard drive encryption has been cracked and swears the photos aren’t his.
The sound of the stoolie begging the mob enforcer to look into his heart.
The sound of the patient who’s biopsy just came back positive as he pleads for mercy from his God.
It is the sound of a man who know that the jig is up. That the long con is unwinding. And that no matter how hard he tries, the salad days have passed and nothing will bring them back.
It is the sound of a man who has come to the end of his rope only to find a noose of his own making.

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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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