A quick health update.

Had a follow up appointment with my own doctor today.  And looking at the report from the E.R. and my blood test from the day before, he is mostly sure that my little incident came from the esophagus. He did suggest that I should take a stress test at Rogue Valley Hospital in Medford. The problem is that it is prohibitory expensive and I may have blown half of my three thousand dollar deductible with the ER visit. So instead, he prescribed nitroglycerin pills if the chest pains come back.  If they don’t work, then it’s Rogue Valley.
I have also accordingly taken step to improve my diet.  Egg Beaters instead of eggs. Apple Chicken sausage instead of pork. Yogurt instead of Ice Cream.
I can however tell you that one experiment in healthy eating has failed.  And it was veggie bacon.
Seriously, whoever came up with the idea of veggie bacon should fuck themselves with the largest, medically safe sex toy available.
I accept the fact that I have to make adjustments in my diet. And I have to cut back on things like Chocolate and Caffeine. And I will even accept that red meat is a pleasure that I must no longer indulge in.
But I will draw the Goddamn line with replacing real bacon with the tasteless, leathery strip that dares to use the holy word of “Bacon” in it’s name!
I will have real bacon once a month. As opposed sullying my special breakfast weekends with the nutritional hate crime that is veggie bacon!
Some thing in life are worth the risk.

EDIT: 3-9-12 8:11 P.M. Fixed a grammer error.


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