Rush Limbaugh Vs how comedy writing works.

Friendly reminder, folks.  Never call a woman a slut. (Unless it’s in the middle of sex and she likes that kind of dirty talk.) Otherwise, heed as a warning the current trials of one Rush Limbaugh.

(THE BLAZE) — After much criticism for his choice of words in remarking on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student called to testify on Capitol Hill this past week in regards to the cost of birth control, Rush Limbaugh has issued a statement on his website apologizing to the law student.:

“For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week.  In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress. I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities. What happened to personal responsibility and accountability? Where do we draw the line? If this is accepted as the norm, what will follow? Will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit?In my monologue, I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone’s bedroom nor do I think it is a topic that should reach a Presidential level.

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”

Refresher course: This was Ms. Fluke’s testimony.

Very poised. Well spoken. Made the excellent point that the birth control pill is also used to treat other conditions. And at no point did she bring up her own sexual experiences. This last part is very important in light of Rush’s response.

You see, the big problem with Rush’s comments is not that they were offensive.  That’s par for the course.  The problem is that his joke, (Or in this case, string of offensive comments strung to form a joke like object.) was based on a faulty premise.
Because at no point in her testimony did Ms. Fluke discuss her own sexual activity.  Now if she’d stated in her testimony that she was having sex within a relationship and she was having trouble paying for the pills, Rush’s comments, while still being rude and abhorrent would have a somewhat solid premise behind it.
Instead, with no indication of her sexual behavior, he throws around the word “slut” like that should get a laugh by royal decree.
Which is why he was forced to respond with his half-assed apology.  Which for a regular person would come out to one and one quarters of an ass.
Yes, the above joke was mean but it had a non faulty premise because in reality, Rush has a very large ass!

Rush Limbaugh is a sad man.  And every day in every way, he continues to expose that sadness to the world.
He doesn’t need a boycott. He needs an intervention.

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  1. GlissyVega says:

    Every of your word let me with any words to say. Your completely article is true. You find the perfect word. Hurray for that! 🙂

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