Michigan: The Sadness continues…

-Congratulations are in order for Mitt Romney. He was actually able to beat Rick Santorum by three points last night in the Michigan Primary. That’s an impressive achievement considering that it’s Romney’s home state.
And that he beat John McCain there by nine points in 2008.
And that Rick Santorum is barking mad.
Wait.  Did I say impressive? I meant something else….

-Meanwhile, Kudos to Rick Santorum for managing to almost beating Mitt Romney in his home state. An impressive achievement considering that you’ve managed to alienate women voters and piss off Catholics. Seriously, if you are wooing Catholic voters, it does not matter which party you’re running in. YOU DO NOT TALK SMACK ABOUT JACK KENNEDY! I don’t care how pro family you are.  If someone calls Kennedy a womanizer and you’re in front of a Catholic crowd, the only proper response is “Hey, who wouldn’t bang Marilyn Monroe?”.

-Meanwhile, I am very torn about “Project Hilarity”. In spite of the results.

Didn’t we promise hilarity? Mission accomplished.

A Mitt Romney campaign surrogate said on Wednesday that Rick Santorum should “give back” some of the delegates that he won in the Michigan primary on Tuesday, insisting that some were obtained by nefarious purposes.“[Santorum] cheated by asking people who would never vote for him for president to vote for him in the Republican primary,” Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said on a call with reporters. “I believe that he should agree to give back a percentage of the delegates that he won in the Republican primary with Democrat votes that would never support him for president.”

I listened in to the conference call this quote comes from, and it was 15 minutes of nothing but whining about those mean Democrats doing exactly what Romney previously did in Massachusetts. And heck, the Michigan primary was open precisely because Romney allies thought he’d be able to win more Democratic crossover.

Michigan was an open primary by design of the Romney campaign. They just didn’t expect the tables to be turned on them.

On a gut level, I was opposed to this idea simply it’s similar to Operation Chaos that Rush Limbaugh instigated in 2008.  (And seriously, look at how well it turned out for him.) On a pragmatic level, the Republicans more than likely respond by rallying around Romney out of pure tribalism.  “Those assholes think they can fuck with our guy?  Fuck em’!”.
There’s an old Sicilian saying, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is attempting to destroy himself.” Romney and Santorum are doing excellent jobs of setting themselves on fire. Pouring gasoline on them just makes people feel sorry for them.

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