Women of America: It’s time for a Lysistrata moment!

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops have rejected a compromise on birth control coverage that President Obama offered on Friday and said they would continue to fight the president’s plan to find a way for employees of Catholic hospitals, universities and service agencies to receive free contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans, without direct involvement or financing from the institutions

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — which has led the opposition to the plan — said in a statement late Friday that the solution offered by the White House to quell a political furor was “unacceptable and must be corrected” because it still infringed on the religious liberty and conscience of Catholics.

The bishops’ decision to rebuff the compromise means that “religious freedom” will continue to be a rallying cry for some Catholics who have heard it preached from the pulpit for the last three weeks, for evangelical Christians on the religious right, for Republican candidates on the campaign trail and for members of Congress who are supporting a legislative fix on Capitol Hill.

From The New York Times Article, “Bishops Reject  White House’s New Plan on Contraception” by Laurie Goodstein. February 11, 2012.

Dear Women of America:

It has come to my attention that the GOP and Right Wing religious leaders have been paying an inordinate amount of time to your neither regions.
Worse, it’s not the sort of attention that ends in cuddling and mutual sandwich making.
It’s bad enough that getting a safe abortion in large parts of this country is becoming next to impossible.  Now the act of trying to prevent a pregnancy has become a political act. Gingrich has also come out against the rule changes. Hell, Rick Santorum has publicly stated that he’ll repeal all federal funding for contraception if elected.
Romney...is squishy. Romney is always squishy.

This section of the story is the part that makes me crazy.

The bishops used the turn of events to renew their objections to the broad requirement that was part of the sweeping health care overhaul passed in 2010 that any employer who has a moral or religious objection — even a small business owner — must offer birth control in their insurance coverage because it is preventive care.

“All the other mandated ‘preventive services’ prevent disease, and pregnancy is not a disease,” the bishops said.

No, it’s not a disease. But it’s just as expensive as a severe one.
Look. You have a child, you have to spend the next eighteen years feeding, clothing and housing him/her. (And college, let’s not forget about college!)  You have to make sure him/her gets an education, stays safe and healthy.  You have to raise him/her to be a decent member of society that won’t grow up to rape, murder, lie or steal.
Let’s stop fetishizing childbirth as a miracle. Having a child is not a miracle. It’s fucking hard work!
And a decision to have one should not be left to the whims of chance.

Let me make this clear. A woman’s vagina is her personal real estate.  And we should be grateful when they allow us to camp there once in a while. We shouldn’t be dicks and try to build a house there without permission.
And if guys can’t accept that, it’s time to put up an electric fence.
Ladies, if your husband/boyfriend/partner/whatever euphemism you prefer supports the GOP’s war on birth control, you need to cut off access to the Vayjay! If they’re not going to let you properly protect themselves from pregnancy, it’s time protect yourself from the semen.
And not just the puss, no hand jobs, no BJ’s, no titty fucking, no nothing!  If they won’t give you access to birth control, remind them that the birth control of last resort is keeping the man goo locked up in the ball sacks.
(And guys, do not give me that fucking look! I have no desire to have kids and I can’t afford to have the vasectomy this year. I use condoms but they’re not perfect. And I’m not going to be forced into this decision just because you want to be misogynistic dickheads about this. This shit cuts both ways!)

Your body, your rules.  It’s time to underline that fact!

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5 Responses to Women of America: It’s time for a Lysistrata moment!

  1. wbrown1653 says:

    What you do is you business not mine. Don’t make it my business by asking me to pay for your safe sex. Isn’t that what insurance is all about, everyone paying for a few that use it.

  2. oleandertea says:

    You would think that these businesses would realize that it’s in their best interests to pay for contraceptives. Consider how much time away from work a regular pregnancy entails, plus the time away for birth and post-natal recovery, and then time off b/c the kid is sick or has a ballet recital or ball game. Or worse, what if the child is born with something wrong? Then the mother will be off work even more!

    WORSE for all employers, this is federally-mandated under FMLA!

    I love your Lysistrata moment idea. Along with that, I’ve suggested we get a list of all employers trying to opt out so we can NOT use them.

  3. Nikki K. says:

    This is just one of the many reasons the Catholic Church pisses me off. A bunch of men deciding what is and isn’t okay for a woman to do with her body….I’m sorry, did I miss when we became the property of men again? If you can’t push a baby out of your body–then shut the fuck up. If you’ve never had to support a family–then shut the fuck up.
    –a pissed off Catholic and a pissed off American woman

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