RANDOM NOTES: February 9, 2012. (Extra Frothy Edition.)

-The biggest thing we can take away from the primaries in the midwest the other night?  People really, really do not like Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum swept three nominating contests held Tuesday evening, upsetting frontrunner Mitt Romney and injecting new energy into the former Pennsylvania senator’s campaign.

Santorum scored broad victories in the Minnesota caucus and a primary in Missouri, according to NBC News projections. But Santorum’s most significant upset came in Colorado, where the state GOP declared him the apparent victor in caucuses there.

Romney made his hardest push of the three states in Colorado, having campaigned there and spent money on advertising. Santorum’s upset raises fresh doubts about the breadth of Romney’s appeal to Republicans, and abates some of the momentum Romney had built from consecutive victories in the Florida primary and Nevada caucus.

“Abates” is of course is the shorter journalistic term for “Slamming into a concrete wall at the speed of sound.”.

The Romney campaign saw its best chances tonight in Colorado, where they have spent money on advertising, and where Romney has done most of his campaigning since winning in Nevada.

But having been injected with a new twist, the Republican primary campaign is set to move forward with no ending on the horizon, meaning Republicans’ focus will remain more on each other than the general election match-up against President Obama.

My ideal scenario. Romney, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich whack the crap out of each other so hard that by the time they get to the convention, they’ll be so bloodied that Buddy Roemer becomes the nominee by default.  Then maybe, we might have a presidential election that focuses on the Goddamn issues as opposed to watching a debate where Obama tries to make salient points while his opponent tries to bite the head off a live chicken while farting “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

-Looks like the gay marriage dominos are starting to fall. Twenty Four hours after Prop 8 gets overturned in California, Washington State decides to join in the fun.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington state Senate has passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, bringing the state a step closer to becoming the seventh to allow lesbian and gay couples to wed. But the threat of a ballot challenge looms.

The packed public galleries burst into applause as the Senate passed the measure on a 28-21 vote Wednesday night after nearly an hour and a half of debate. Four Republicans crossed party lines and voted with majority Democrats for the measure. Three Democrats voted against it.

And the story broke tonight that Illinois just introduced it’s own marriage equality bill. Which means that A.) Gay Marriage is finally being accepted into the mainstream and B.) Boy, did Rick Santorum pick the wrong week to surge…pull ahead …rise in the polls…

Damn youse, Dan Savage! DAMN YOUSE!!!!!!
Of course, all this sudden gay marriage making is going to have an effect on Santorum.  All of these people living free and happy lives in spite of his years of dire warnings. He may suddenly find himself succumbing to his own darker impulses.
Which means one day, we may open up our news browsers and find the following headline…
 The heart wants what it wants.
-Yes…this actually exists in the world.Nazis hiding out on the Dark Side of the Moon.  Waiting for the right time to wreak bloody revenge on the world.
And apparently, that right time has come because the United States is being run by somebody who seems suspiciously similar to Sarah Palin.
Kind of a coin flip on which plot line is more implausible.
Seriously, it looks like a case of filmmakers coming up with a completely batshit crazy premise and taking it all the way to it’s logical (or illogical.) conclusion.  At least I hope so.
A moon nazi is a terrible thing to waste.

More later.

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