Nevada…and the sadness continues…

And the GOP death march continues…(Via Talking Points Memo”.)

LAS VEGAS, NV — Mitt Romney clocked up his second victory in a row Saturday night as he easily took the gold in Nevada’s caucuses, leaving his rivals choking on his dust.Romney’s win is a nice boost for him as he heads into the next round of contests in Colorado and Minnesota, which vote on Tuesday. Missouri will also vote, but its results don’t count towards the delegate race and Gingrich is not on the ballot.
Romney did not leave the state without taking some damage along the way, however. His comment that he is “not concerned with the very poor” because they have an adequate safety net sparked an uproar from Democrats and Republicans alike and will almost certainly follow him into a general election should he win the nomination. In addition, he had to suffer through an awkward endorsement from Donald Trump, whose penchant for outrageous statements and insatiable appetite for publicity could prove a dangerous combination as the race continues.
And it doesn’t help matters that Newt Gingrich is staying in until the bitter end…
And you know what?  I’m not going to even cut and paste from that article.  Go ahead and click it if you want but I’m sick to my cock of it!
Mitt Romney is a Poor Little Rich Boy turned Master of the Universe turned Out of Touch Patrician. He’s the sort of rich A-hole who’ll joke about being out of work and then be surprised when actual unemployed people point out with a mixture of facts and swearing that him not having a job and them not having a job is not the same Goddamn thing!
Not act surprised, be surprised!
Newt Gingrich is a narcissistic A-hole who got chased out of The House by his own party. And has spend the last twelve years running scams and more scams.
And by selling Books, DVD’s, CD’s with a zeal matched only by Kevin Smith.  Only with the dick jokes swapped out for a fear of Islam.
In a Fair and Just World, neither of these guys would be allowed near a small town planning commission, let alone the presidency.
But this is not a Fair and Just World.  But there are fair and just people.  |
They’re just not running for President this year.

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