So, where was I…(My feeble health related reasons for not posting this past week.)

Yep, I know.  I’ve been gone for a week.
Bad blogger!  BAD, BAD BLOGGER!
The truth is that I got hit with a damn cold which turned my head into a twenty-four hour mucus factory. And so I figured that I’d take a couple of days off and let it settle.
And then I got hit with the cough!
And yes, I’m putting it in italics because it’s become it’s own entity.
When it happens, it’s not a simple hack! It’s more like a hack-hack-heeee-ack for anywhere from thirty seconds to a full minute. Followed by the upchucking of various combinations of spit and flem.
Not to mention that if the cough hits me just right, I wind up with something resembling an ice cream headache. Only it hits the left side of my head as opposed to the center. And I would change the noun “Ice Cream” to “Ice Pick”.
And this is why I haven’t written about the continued running gun battle that is the GOP primary. Especially   now that it’s boiled down to two rich white men who are arguing about who’s the richest and the whitest. (Seriously, at this point, the only way Rick Santorum can stay in the race is if he has his skin bleached and strikes oil in his backyard.)
So what I have been doing for the last week?  Mostly catching up with episodes of “Warehouse  13” on Netflix and “Skyrim” on the PS3.
Yes, again I have revealed myself to have the temperament a fourteen year old boy.
The good news is that the cough is on the verge of finally dissipating.  And I should be posting regularly in the next couple of days.

I hope.


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