RANDOM NOTES: January 21, 2010.

-Been fighting off a cold for the last three days which has required me to ingest amounts of the generic equivalent of Nyquil. Which means my time has been divided between sleeping and coughing. Broken up with the occasion online round of “Modern Warfare 3”.  (Yes, I freely admit.  I have the lifestyle of a fourteen year old boy.  Only with more take out and slightly less masturbation.)
Anyway, time to play catch up on what I’ve missed.

-It looks like Congress and the giant media companies just realized that you underestimate nerd rage at your peril.

WASHINGTON—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday he will postpone a vote on online piracy legislation he had scheduled for next week after a storm of protest.

Reid, a Democrat, said he was putting off a procedural vote set for Tuesday “in light of recent events.” Those events included a petition drive by Google that attracted more than 7 million participants and a one-day blackout by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The Protect Intellectual Property Act has strong support from the entertainment industry and other businesses that lose billions of dollars annually to intellectual property theft and online sales of counterfeit products. But it also has strong opposition from Internet-related companies that argue the bill would lead to over-regulation and censorship of the Internet.


Reid said counterfeiting and piracy cost the American economy billions of dollars every year and “there is no reason that the legitimate issues raised by many about this bill cannot be resolved.” He said he was optimistic about reaching a compromise in the coming weeks.

It should be noted that The Cato Institute has looked at the claim about piracy costing billions of dollars and found it not backed up by the facts.  And as one Hollywood Professional (An editor for “Castle”.) points out, this bill won’t really help matters.

First, by mandating provisions completely incompatible with next-generation internet security standards and secondly, by throwing US software developers into legal limbo.

It turns out targeting software which could potentially be used for circumventing blacklisted websites also means targeting the same security software we use to keep our personal computers safe from malware, networked businesses safe from denial-of-service attacks and even payments to online financial service providers like PayPal safe from theft.

Meanwhile, as legitimate software developers sit around twiddling their thumbs, 20 year-old hackers have already created workarounds to domain blocking in anticipation of SOPA/PIPA.

Have fun with that.

You should actually read the whole article linked above.  It offers the best overview of this nonsense that I’ve read so far. And I have to throw a H/T to John Rogers for throwing this and the Cato link up on his blog.  He also makes the Best Point about Piracy in the least amount of words.

Any screenwriter who thinks he loses more money to piracy than to Hollywood studio accounting is a child.

And in a related note, Chris Dodd is a whiny little baby who seems to have forgotten how this Democracy thing works.
And he used to be cool too.

-All afternoon, my Twitter feed has been blowing up because Newt Gingrich just pounded the snot out of Mitt Romney in South Carolina.

Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina Republican primary, capping off a remarkable comeback for his presidential bid that reshapes the trajectory of the battle for the GOP nomination.

Based on exit polls and early returns, NBC News projects Gingrich as the winner of the primary, while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will finish second.

The results mark the end of a tumultuous week in politics that saw Gingrich erase and then overcome the lead Romney had in the Palmetto State following his victory in the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary. Gingrich came on strong in the closing days of the campaign, looking to rally under his banner the many conservatives unwilling to get behind Romney, who had sought to posture himself as the eventual nominee.

I’m not entirely by this. Mitt Romney has been getting hammered since New Hampshire. And since Rick Perry dropped out, the conservatives have been looking for the Great White Not-Romney and it looks like Gingrich may fit the bill.
The reason.  They just don’t like Romney.
All through out this process, Romney has come across like Conservatmania. Not a conservative but an incredible simulation.  He’s been saying all the right things but there just something…off.
And then along comes Newt Gingrich who says all the right things and even better, believes them!
It’s the difference between a music student trying to play Blues Guitar like B.B. King and B.B. King.
Expect the next few months to be interesting in the chinese proverb sense of the word.

-Finally, here’s something fun for a Sunday Afternoon.

Harlan Ellison and Patton Oswalt at the recent Cinefamily event in Los Angeles.  I actually caught most of this live but I had to go to work and missed Patton jumping in for Josh Olson. (I did however get to see Harlan admit that he wrote an episode of “The Flying Nun” in the sixties because quote “I wanted to fuck Sally Field!” close quotes.)
Seriously, somebody needs to pitch a Ellison/Oswalt sitcom, right now!

More later.


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