Huntsman: And another one bites the dust.


Jon Huntsman will drop his presidential bid and endorse Mitt Romney, according to campaign sources.

“He doesn’t want to stand in the way of the person who is going to be the nominee,” a campaign source said.

Huntsman will make the announcement during a speech in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Monday at 11 a.m. ET, spokesman Tim Miller said. Huntsman, who earlier Sunday was endorsed by The State (the largest newspaper in South Carolina), had vowed to stay in the race despite his third-place showing in New Hampshire. He boasted in a speech on primary night Tuesday that he had a “ticket to ride” and that it was “on to South Carolina.”

I guess he meant to say that he had a ticket to ride to South Carolina.  Greyhound must have a special rate for failed presidential candidates.
Let’s be honest though, when you’re polling behind a television comedian, It’s hard to even fake momentum.
And before anyone bemoans the fact that the last sensible GOP candidate is now out of the race, let me remind you that A.) that hacking sound behind you is Buddy Roemer clearing his throat.  And B) that being the sensible GOP candidate is akin to being the most demure stripper at Scores.  There’s been some questions about his close ties to companies that use Multilevel Marketing. And it turns out his tax plan is more radical than Romney’s.
So yeah, he may seem like a sane man on the outside.  But from a policy standpoint, he’s as coo-coo bananas as the rest of them.


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