A SOPA related update. PLEASE SHARE AND RT!

Tomorrow, This blog will be dark in protest of the upcoming vote in The Senate of the SOPA bill. Although support for this bill has been hemorrhaging, it looks like Lamar Smith is still trying to push it through. So we need to send a clear signal that we are not going to tolerate the dismantling of the Internet.
For those still unclear on what this bill could do, Here’s a techincal explanation from Reddit.
Also, I will not be posting here, on Twitter or on Tumblr or on Facebook.  That’s cool. I could use the day off to unplug.

And as far as Chris Dodd’s response to the blackout via the MPAA, What Wil Wheaton said.  Times a thousand.
Now entering radio silence.  See you bitches on the other side!


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