Taking a breath on a Sunday evening…

Here’s what my immediate surroundings look and feel like right now.
Woke up this afternoon with a stuffed head and scratchy chest. Which thanks to a pair of Vicks caplets are less stuffed and scratchy.
On my tweet deck feed, everyone is live tweeting the Golden Globes.  I’m sitting this year out because I just don’t have the energy to truffle hunt for a live feed.  (Kind of a shame.  Watching a awards show while on Twitter is like being on the world’s biggest couch with about a thousand of your best friends as they all try to top themselves with the cattiest, funniest remarks.)
Instead, I’m waiting for my chicken breast to defrost so I can fix dinner. In the meantime, I have mikes theodorakis’ score for “Zorba the Greek” playing on Spotify.  And although I’ve never seen the film, (I know.  Bad film geek! BAD! BAD!) damn me if I can’t hear Anthony Quinn yelling in my head “Trouble!  Life is Trouble”!
Which I have a feeling may be the unofficial catch phrase for this next year.
Sorry for the noodling.  Actual content will be coming this week.  I just hadn’t posted in four days and I thought I should say something.
Oh well, back to dinner.


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