Someone at the DNC owes Newt Gingrich a dinner.

No, Seriously…someone does. Via Kevin Drum at “Mother Jones”.

Jon Chait writes today about the tacit rules for primary attacks on front runners: always attack from the flank, since that doesn’t play into the strategy of the opposing party during the general election (Obama, for example, won’t be attacking Mitt Romney as “not a true conservative”); and lighten up when it starts to look like the front-runner is a sure thing.

But Newt Gingrich is famous for his willingness to toss all the usual rules overboard and light the world on fire if that’s what he thinks it takes for him to win, and now he looks set to do it again:
With the benefit of a $5 million infusion from right-wing casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, Gingrich is planning an assault in South Carolina that centers on Romney’s career at Bain Capital….The political effect of these ads is to turn Romney’s chief selling point into a liability – his private-sector experience becomes an indicator not that he will fix the economy but that he will help the already-rich. It’s a smash-you-over-the-head blunt message, with ominous music and storybook dialogue.

Exhibit A.

As far as these things go, it’s pretty solid. Ominous music, damning charges, interviews with with small town Americans who call Romney a bad man. With just one or two sound bites from Romney himself that make him sound like an out of touch fat cat.  If this was coming from the DNC, I’d be impressed.
The fact that this is coming from someone like Gingrich…is kind of head shattering.
(Slight correction. The video is not from Gingrich himself but from a Pro Gingrich Super PAC called “Winning our Future“. But you know…close enough for jazz.)
Keep in mind, this is a guy who was pitching the idea a few weeks back that schools should be cleaned by poor students.  Now he’s slamming Romney for not caring about working people?  It’s a bit like being chewed out by Ted Bundy for being a bad date.
Make no mistake, this is less about Gingrich developing a new found populism then Gingrich finding something to shove up and then break off in Romney’s ass.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Metaphorically, I mean.


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