RANDOM NOTES: January 7, 2011.

-Added two new blogs to the Blogroll this week.  Both old friends from college just starting out  in the grand adventure called blogging. (And yes, I am defining the word “adventure” down. It’s not like we’re crossing the Sahara barefoot here.  We type words into a computer for eff-sakes!  Personally, I consider what I do just a notch below Data Entry.)
The first is Kim Rhodes who just started her blog “Rhodeside Attractions” a few days  ago. And she already seems determined to carve out her niche as a cross between your favorite dotty aunt and Erma Bombeck with a nailbat. Here’s a quick sample from her first post, “God Bless Women over Thirty”.

I live in the land of the perpetually young and beautiful. Twenty-three year old nymphs with boobs that defy gravity and asses you could bounce a quarter off of. They may have any hair color, but their teeth are always pearly white and their skin smoother than Botox can ever buy me. They eat in front of me, they join my workout classes, they shop at my grocery stores, and they jog through my park. Sometimes without a bra. How is it that I have not become homicidal, you ask? I remember one very important thing… my orgasms are better than theirs.

(Okay, okay, first apology and it’s only the second real paragraph. If by chance you are one of the aforementioned nymphs and happen to now be offended, please know I don’t mean YOU. You are some of my favorite people in real life. I have lots of you as friends and coworkers. I killed a spider for one of you just yesterday. I would never actually wish a mediocre climax on you, it’s what you represent in my head that I’m talking about. Someday, you will understand. For now, just appreciate your boobs and Georgia-peach butt and trust that your orgasms will get better.

She is well on her way to turning into a great broad in the Frank Sinarta sense of the word.
The other is Jessica Zodrow who just started her blog “That Quirky Lady”. And Jess…Jess is an unabashed optimist. A quality I find teeth grindingly annoying in most people.  But damn it, she seems it make work for her.

I must say, to be clear, I mean to find the positive action in whatever the emotion may be. Action to change yourself, your life and your surroundings not hurting others-animals or the planet in the process. HIPPY ALERT. But they did get music and peaceful hearts right!

Really this quirky mind of mine as decided that nothing is black and white. That maybe if we were okay with the sliding scale less action would be taken out of pure and blind LOVE or HATE and more action could be taken out of finding out why we feel the way we do?!

I have been accused over and over in my life of being “too passionate” however I think that what is really true is that I am in tune with my own scale. And yes there have been times, god and some of you good readers know, when I have tipped my scale this way or that. Overall though those were learning moments…so I present to the world my idea. The great scale the wonderous array of human emotions that could be put to use, be put into action. Fuck apathy ( oh yes I can cuss like a sailor too or as my Mother once said ” Jessica Autumn you sound like a pirate”)!!

Welcome both these ladies to the Internet.  But be warned, first asshole who lives a picture of their privates in their comments sections may find them seriously bruised by end of business day.

-After weeks of avoiding them, I finally watched my first GOP debate in weeks.
Apparently, I  had decided that I hadn’t suffered enough for my sins.
Mitt Romney responded to Santorum’s near win in Iowa by saying he’d start a trade war with China and that contraceptives are awesome!
Rick Santorum responded to questions about his abilities to be commander in chief by saying he’d bomb Iran.
Newt Gingrich responded to being called a chicken hawk by Ron Paul by reminding everyone he was an Army Brat, (Protip to Newt, Avoid future answers involving the word brat.) and that he got a deferment because he had a wife and kid. (To which Ron Paul replied that he had a wife and two kids and still went in the service.)
Ron Paul responded to his racist newsletter flap by calling Martin Luther King a libertarian.
Rick Perry responded to the voices in his head by saying he’d send troops back into Iraq!
And Jon Huntsman responded to the notion that he was the only electable candidate on stage by speaking Chinese.
Diane Sawyer responded by asking all the candidates how they all usually spend their Saturday nights.
I responded by punching myself in the balls.
New rule.  No more debates until the general elections.
if only because I really like my balls.

-Brief commercial announcement.  If you look in the upper left hand corner, you will find a link to my Dwolla Tip Jar. If anything you’ve read here has made you laugh or made you think, please feel free to feed the kitty. Think of it as providing positive re-enforcement.
If you don’t like what I throw down…keep it to yourself. I get enough negative re-enforcement from life as it is.

More later.

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