Walking on the razor’s edge with a raging hard on.

Well, the Defense Authorization bill just passed and Obama has thankfully threatened a veto…

During Friday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney accused the Senate of engaging in “political micromanagement at the expense of sensible national security policy,” adding that “our position has not changed, any bill that challenges or constrains the president’s critical authorities to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the nation would prompt his senior advisers to recommend a veto.”

Thursday evening, the Senate agreed on a compromise amendment to the defense bill to avoid deciding whether current law authorizes the indefinite military detention of Americans suspected of terrorism who are apprehended on US soil. That compromise however, did nothing to alleviate the concerns expressed by top national security officials within the administration, who say the provisions mandating military detention for non-citizen terror suspects could interfere with terrorism investigations and jeopardize national security. Later that evening, the overall bill passed the Senate by a 93-7 vote.

And once again, I take very cold comfort in the fact that both my senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley voted no on this thing. So I can at least allow myself degree of comfort in knowing I voted for the right guys.
At least on the State level.
I hope to holy hell that Carl Levin’s office has been getting hammered with angry phone calls this week.  And I hope he realizes in the pit of his stomach, the colossal mistake he made drafting this original pig turd of an amendment. (His Co-author John McCain is already a lost man.  Condemned to spend the remainder of his life lost in a hell of bitterness and self loathing.) And I hope the good people of the Great State of Michigan reward this (sic.) “Public Servant” with the primary challenge he richly deserves.
And keep in mind, even if Obama vetoes the bill, (And I’m saying if.  While I want to believe that he’ll veto it, I will not relax until he does it.) the damage has been done.
If you still had any trust left in your government, this move has further eroded it. And if you’re a gun toting, militia belonging Libertarian who believes that the Government want to take your guns and lock you up…well, congrats.  You just had your world view validated.  Hope your bunker has a nice plasma screen and that you have plenty of John Wayne movies upgraded to Blu.
Between this and the SOPA vote upcoming, (Which, bless his pea-pickin heart, Wyden has sworn to filibuster.) my chest has been tighter than an ant’s spinchter.  I  been dogged by feelings of hopelessness and futilely and every time I try to imagine the future, all I see is fire.
Also, I’ve been incredibly horny.

I suppose it makes a kind of psychological sense. After all, if you feel you’re in a situation where you feel like you’re at the end of…well, everything…the natural inclination is to grab on to life in any way.  And what better way than through the sexual act.
Also, I’m having what is commonly described in pop psychology as “A Mid-Life Crisis”.  So that’s not doing me any favors either.
And keep in mind that I didn’t say relationship. While I don’t want to rule out the possibility entirely, I’m at the point in my life where I am so set in my ways, I don’t think any woman could abide being around me for more then two maybe three months tops.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be a fun three months.  But eventually, I’d get on her nerves.
Also…and I cannot stress this enough…fire.

So there we are.  On the raggedy edge.  Hoping that this week sees a pair of miracles.
Failing that…

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