Looking on the Bright Side: Stuff I like right now.

Because I didn’t watch the latest GOP debate and everything else has been whacking my brain like a Tether Ball so I’m just going take a moment to focus on stuff that’s been giving me the will to live lately.


Yes, I know. George Lucas is a batshit crazy old man. He can’t leave well enough alone. The Prequels are junk. He put his pee-pee in your childhood, etc, etc.
Well, guess what.  I don’t care because the new Blu-Rays are AWESOME!!
Seriously,  I gotta give the man credit.  Anytime, he re-releases the films in a new format, the man does his damnedest to make sure you don’t feel like a schmuck for buying them.  You get extra commentary tracks, deleted scenes (Including Luke saying goodbye to Wedge at Tashi station and the infamous Speeder scene that looks somebody is rolling an old timey background tarp behind it.) New documentaries, vintage documentaries and even a collection of Star Wars parodies. (Pro-tip.  You can safely fast forward over the “Family Guy” stuff.)
Some random thoughts as I rewatched the films…
-As much As I loved his gravitas, I would have loved to have seen Alec Guiness play Obi-Wan Kenobi as Gully Jamison in “The Horse’s Mouth”.

“All right, I’ll teach you the ways of The Force.  But first, can you spot me a fiver for the pub?”

– I was clearly far too young to fully appreciate how cute and apple-cheeked Carrie Fisher was in “A New Hope”.  Makes me appreciate growing that much more.

-I still don’t think that it’s a coincidence that Ian Mc Diarmid as Emperor Palpatine is the sptting image of Joe Lieberman. Make of that what you will

-“Empire” still remains the best of the films because Irvin Kershner was able to give the actors more room to play and Lawrence Kasdan (And Leigh Brackett who in the extras I’ve gone though so far, still doesn’t get enough love for her work.) was able to give the dialogue that 30’s zip without sounding like the McGuffy’s primer stuff Lucas churned out. (And FWIW, The dialogue in “New Hope” is just as bad as anything in the prequels, we just didn’t notice or just let it slide because of all the awesomeness surrounding it.)

-May I suggest that the next round of Blu-Rays (They’re doing 3D conversions of the films so you know another set is in the pipeline.) they include as an extra the long lost Star Wars Holiday Special with Picture-in-Picture commentary by Lucas and Bruce Vilanch. With Patton Oswalt acting as moderator and if necessary, cut man.


Essentially, it’s Grooveshark but without the occasional funky links.  Yes, there an issue with the ads, (There is something disconcerting about having Keith Jarrett playing Bach interrupted by Metallica.)
But it’s more than offset by a surprisingly rich selection. Although it’s still kind of spotty in spots.  Tonight I searched Michael Legrand to listen to his music for Jacques Demy’s”Umbrellas of Cherbourg”. They didn’t have that score, (Which is so iconic, every note should be engraved on Legrand’s tombstone when he passes.) But they did have the score to “Donkey Skin” which while it’s a lovely score, is a much more obscure film. In Beatles terms, it’s like not having “Sgt. Pepper” but having one of the old Capitol “Best of” albums.
And because it’s connected to my Twitter and Facebook, it does allow me to inflict my musical taste upon my friends. (And foes. Trolls mess with me and they get a shot of Wayne Newton for their trouble. That’s right, mess with me and I will get Danke Schoen on your ass!) It’s a nice addition to my music listening arsenal.


As someone who finally got a full eight hours of it today, I can tell you, it’s wicked awesome.

In the comments, feel free to share your favorite awesome thing right now.

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