A Brief Commercial Announcement for Net Neutrality. (UPDATED.)

Will be resuming fuller posting this week and may throw up something later today.  But first, I have to pass this on.
This Tuesday, The Senate is voting on a resolution of disapproval by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to strip the FCC of the authority to enforce Net Neutrality rules.
Demand Progress has a petition site and SaveTheInternet.com has a list of Senators and where they stand on the question and information on how to contact them.
You like a free and open internet?  You don’t want to see smaller sites have their access choked off in favor of larger sties that can afford to pay for the top rung of a tiered system. Then get calling now!

EDIT: I just got dinged on Twitter by some jackass named @austrianeconomi who threw this gem of disinformation at me.

@theragingcelt #NetNeutrality = Government takeover of the internet 😦

Let me say this again. Net Neutrality is what we have right now.  Having the FCC codify this means that everything remains Status Que. If the rules get stripped away, we end up with a possible two tiered system where those who can afford it, have their sites available at a quicker speed while those who can’t end up in the slow lane.
He also thew out this.

@theragingcelt If u don’t like the service your ISP is offering, don’t buy it. Simple as that. in a free market, u vote with your money.

Yeah, fine. Except that if all the ISP’s decide to go with a two tiered system, I won’t have any other options expect to get fisted by the invisible hand of the market.
(He also made a remark about me owing fifty thousand in student loans saying…

Not a good idea to spend money you haven’t earned yet.

I’m guessing by the level of his understanding, he has not been burdened by expensive fancy book learning.)
Do me a favor, folks. Call your Senator tomorrow and tell him to vote against this thing.
If nothing else, it will annoy the trolls.


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