Rick Perry just fell on his blank…

-Holy crap in a bucket!  What should we make of this?

I have two theories
1. Rick Perry finally took a good long look at his poll numbers, realized that running for national office is not the same as running for a state-wise Texas office and rather than just quit, he decided to go out in a full blaze of glory, TEXAS STYLE! I. E., get wasted and make an ass out of himself.  He won’t be president but God-damnit, they will remember his name!
2. Mitt Romney, so desperate to become President that he can almost taste the Nuclear Football, has abandoned his Mormon religion and joined the cult of Ba’al.
And thanks to a well timed goat sacrifice, managed within the space of that speech, to have Perry’s body suddenly possessed by the spirit of Charles Nelson Reily.  Presumably during a taping of the celestial version of “Match Game PM”.
Either way, I think it’s safe to assume that Perry is not going to the big dance this year.


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