In which your humble narrator explains his lack of posting by pointing out that his brain is eating him alive.

Five hours.
That’s all the sleep I got today. Five Goddamn hours.
And this has been the Status Que for the last three weeks.
The only theory I have is this.
Every year before this, I would spend the week of my birthday in Seattle.  And during that trip, my body would, with surprising speed, shift from a sleep schedule of awake night/sleep day to awake/day sleep/night. (I work a graveyard shift so sleeping during the day is my only option.) Since I could not afford to take a vacation this year, that expected shift, (Coupled with the fact that it’s the one week in the year I can let off some some steam.) did not happen and it’s somehow fucked up my inner clock.
As a result, it’s left me more short tempered and cranky than usual. (And let’s be honest, “Short tempered and cranky” could be the sub heading on my business cards, just below the graphic of a red tinted Nail Bat.)
And frankly, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.
All hell has being breaking loose in nine places places at once.  The GOP Presidential race is about one chain saw and bungee cord away from turning into Thunderdome. (Christ, Jensen.  Can’t you ever get beyond Thunderdome?) Gadaffi has now joined the choir invisible.  The EU is on the verge of imploding.  Obama is now issuing executive orders in an attempt to keep us from turning into Somalia while the House continues to dick around like a bunch of schoolboys waiting for the recess bell. And above it all, our own #occupywallstreet movement offers a promise of renewal while the threat of blacklash fills the air like the screams of an angry child who’s just found daddy’s loaded Glock.
If there was ever a moment in time that screamed for mental clarity, it’s now.
And it’s the one thing I’m running Goddamn low on right now.

Regular posting will continue as soon as I lick  this thing, I promise. Meanwhile, if anyone has any recommendations on how to lick this problem, feel free to leave a note in the comments.


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