Hitting a wall repeatly with my head…

Yes, it’s been light posting here the last couple of weeks and in an attempt to restart the engine, I’m going to write about why I haven’t been writing lately. Then for an encore, I’m going to whack off to a photo of myself whacking off.  Because it’s been that kind of an evening.
(That’s right ladies, I’m narcissistic, a pervert AND post-modern.  I’m the whole package.)
Anyway, here are my feeble excuses.

1.) My sleep patterns have once again gone off the rails.  Instead of getting my full eight, I’ve been getting maybe about five or six hours a day.  This has left me feeling cloudy and left me unable to put together more than two coherent sentences together. (Which is why I’m grateful for Twitter. Otherwise, it would be total radio silence.)

2.) I turned 46 this about a week ago and on top of the “Holy crap, I’m so fucking old” nonsense that comes with a birthday, I’m also down because this is the first time in years I haven’t gone to Seattle for my birthday.  My buddy Jake moved to Portland this year because of personal issues and I couldn’t make it do Portland because my finances couldn’t cut it this year.  Which frankly depressed me because…well, see for yourself.

In lieu of a trip, I treated myself to The Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray and spent the day burning through the films.  Enjoyable…but not even close to the fun I had last year.
In short, the last couple of weeks have put me in a head space that is not conductive to blogging.  My apologies.  I will try to do better.


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