My belated post on #occupywallstreet. (EDIT: With extra video.)

-Remember what I said a few months ago when all kinds of Holy Hell broke loose in Wisconsin?

-Sometimes Democracy is going to a ballot box.  Sometimes, it’s showing up for planning commission meeting.  Or giving money to a candidate or a cause you support.
But sometimes, Democracy is showing up somewhere and making a hell of a lot of noise!

Well, for the last couple of weeks in New York City, there has been a hell of a lot of noise being made.

So far, the reaction seems to be clearly divided between “Who the fuck are these raggedy kids and what the fuck do they want?” and “Why the fuck didn’t somebody do this sooner?”. For the record, I’m in the latter group.
Three years after watching the country’s economy tank and the recession cling to us like a bad summer cold. Three years of watching Congress try to fix the problem, only to be cock blocked by a cadre of money hungry lobbyists, craven Blue Dogs and a GOP desperate to cling to power and relevance by keeping the economy weak and blaming it on Obama. (Not to mention Obama’s own reluctance to take on Wall Street, born of either timidity or obligation. Never forget that one of his biggest donor in the last election was Goldman Sachs.  And that couldn’t have helped matters.)
When confronted with such a solid wall of douchebaggery like that, how can you not take to the streets and scream like the who’s in whoville?

For months, progressives have been hammering Obama to stop  pre-compromising with the GOP and start standing up to them. And from the sound of this Daily Kos Diary, it sounds like he’s finally taking that tact.  The only question is will Obama continue pushing in this direction or will he lose his nerve?
With that in mind, this #occupywallstreet thing could not have come at a better time.
The longer these protests drag on, the more likely the career GOP (As opposed to the Tea Party Hard-liners.) will realize that blocking everything may not be the best way to keep their phony baloney jobs.
And let’s see how many of the Tea Party are still in the House out of 2012.  Once people realize the difference between the legitimate anger of the #OWS crowd compared with the gined-up theatrics of the Dick Armey traveling medicine show, most of them will be shown the door faster than a douchebag Bro at a nunnery.
And let me state this again, the Greens can play too.  Instead of trying for the brass ring of the Presidency, they can pick off House and Senate seats in areas where Democrats and Republicans are both sinking in the polls.  This will have the added effect of pruning the corporate dead wood from the Dems. (Hi, Ben Nelson. *waves*.)
Because it’s not enough for the Democrats to regain the majorities, they have to be worthy of the trust that got them back the majorities.
And a lot of them are going to have to decide who they serve.  The 99% or the 1%?
Which means we, the 99%, have to keep making noise.

ADDUMN: October 8th.

We now have a similar action going on here in Ashland, Oregon. And I went by yesterday to get it on video.

The people united, Will never be defeated!


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