Three and a half minutes of bemused resignation over the collapse of the Eurozone.

This video has been making the rounds across the Internet all day. (H/T to AMERICAblog for making the initial catch.) And it’s worth the look.

From the YouTube description…

In a scary and painfully frank interview a freaked out BBC interviewer is visibly shaken when market trader Alessio Rastani predicts that the “Market is Toast.” Apparently there is nothing Euro governments can do.
The BBC featured a version of this clip on their website. It includes a few seconds missing from the beginning, but ends before the newsreader describes the situation as a “Nightmare!

Mr. Rastani’s barely contained glee at making money on a global economic collapse is only matched by his certainty that this said pile of money will protect him if this next round of market meltdowns succeed in turning Western Civilization into a Mad Max-ian land of violence and despair.
Those of us born with a schadenfreudian frame of mind can take cold comfort that if the end does come, all it will mean is that the cannibalistic rape gang that invades his home will have the pleasure of pulling him out of a slightly comfier chair.
Don’t give me that look.
I said the comfort was cold.


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