An embarrassingly personal note.

It just kind of snuck up on me.
It started as a kind of resignation.  I would sit down to write down something, maybe get one or two sentences along and then…stop.
And then I’d wave it off and say, “Screw it.  Some other blog is probably covering this.”
And then a couple of days later, I would try to write and literally just stare at the screen, fingers poised over the keyboard, unmoving.
And then it got to the point where I wouldn’t even try.  I’d just skim the usual blogs and news sites, my head in a fog and my heart feeling like it’s being snagged by Mola Ram who interrupted cleaning out his freezer just to grab it.
That’s when I realized that it was turning into 2008 all over again.

All through out that year, I was poised for something terrible to happen.  The presidential elections were in full swing and the Democratic primary was giving angina on a daily basis. The housing bubble had burst, bringing with it the recession we’re still trying to recover from.  And there was a part of me that strongly suspected that there was no way the Bush and Cheney were going to allow a peaceful transition of power. (Which is why I took my yearly vacation to Seattle that year in November instead of October. And had my passport ready.)  Not to mention that the Large Hardon Collider was going to create a Black Hole that was going to crush the earth down to a pin point.
Yeah, I was not in the best of head spaces in 2008.
The point is that I got though it by keeping busy, blogging and doing my late, lamented web show.  And taking a lot of St. John’s Wort.
Well, now with the GOP running the House, Democratic activity swelling in Wisconsin and Michigan but with the specter of Citizens United  hanging a sword over everything…And I’m back in 2008 with Mola Ram clutching my heart with a cold damp rubber glove.
This is my very long about explanation on why posting has been sporadic. Fresh supplies of St. John’s is being purchased today.  I will work through this.
WE…will work through this.


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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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