Scene, Two Bachmann For President staffers in Iowa yesterday. (Crossposted from the Tumblr Blog.)


“Seriously, you think this is a good idea?”

“Why not? You don’t come to Iowa and not eat some of the food.  It makes you look like an elitist. Hell, even Obama let himself get photographed eating a burger once in a while.”

“Yeah…and he thinks cows are sacred.”

That’s Hindus and we’re too close to the press for that kind of crap. Okay?”

“Sorry.  Wait, what’s that she’s getting?”

“Oh, it’s the chicken and beef sausage in batter.”

“Should she be eating that?”

“Oh, I had one earlier. They’re great.  You know my uncle used to cure his own sausage in his basement…”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Well, what did you…..AAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!”


“You know what this means?”

“Jon Stewart just jizzed in his pants?”

“AT LEAST!  Dear God, how could this get worse?”

“Now she’s feeding it to Marcus.”


Thank God they don’t serve chowder in Iowa.”


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