Debt Limit Fight: “Your boss can be the hero or the goat. Their choice.”

Well, it’s official.
Boehner’s plan didn’t come up for a vote yesterday because he couldn’t get the necessary votes.  The hows and whys are not important. (Although they are delicious.)  What matters is that with five days left before everything goes KA-BOING, we have only one option left.
We need to call our Representatives and tell them that we need to pass a clean Debt Limit bill.
And we need to pass it….like a week ago.
And yes, I am aware that the last couple of posts have been about the same subject.  I promise you, after this shit is over, I will gladly throw down a couple of geek related posts just to cleanse the palate.  (Provided we don’t default. If we do, I’ll be too busy trying to avoid the roving packs of Reaver like gangs that will dot the landscape.  I’m a slow moving middle aged man.  To a cannibalistic rape gang, I might as well be Jessica Simpson in Daisy Dukes.)
So’s here’s what we need to do.
First, find your Representative.  You can go to See the upper right hand corner? Type in your zip code and hit go.  It will give you the name and contact information of your Rep.
Now, the truth is that we’re going to have to concentrate on Republicans because if a Democrat introduces the bill, just on reflex, no Republican will vote for it.  But if a Republican does it, enough of the remaining sane ones will peel off and vote yes. That and the Democratic caucus will get it passed.
Remember the old Vulcan proverb: “Only Nixon could go to China”.
Now that you got the contact information, you need to know what you have to say.  Most of you should be aware of the consequences.  But for those unclear, here’s a clip from the August 18th episode gives you a nice overview of what we could to be in store for.

(As per usual, MSNBC’s videos do not embed on WordPress.  Here’s the video on my Tumblr blog.)

So here are the bullet points….

-Shutdown of essential services.
-No Social Security Checks.
-Treasury Bills lose 50 to 100 Billion dollars in value.
-Interest rates shoot through the roof. Affecting Car loans, Student loans, etc.

Next, make the call.
Now, you’re not going to talk directly to your Representative. That’s what they have staffers for.  Remember to be polite.  These people get a lot of calls from constituents and they’re rarely the “Hey, keep up the good work!” kind of calls. (Unless they finish that sentence with “Asshole” or “Dickweed”)
Be polite but make it clear, if we default, the blame is on them.  This wasn’t a crisis until they decided to make it one.
And also make it clear that the Representative who does introduce this bill will get to have bragging rights to being the sane one in a room of crazy nihilists.
The choice is clear.  They can be the Hero or the Goat.
It’s their choice.


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