Time to put the squeeze on OR-O2!

Okay.  Here’s the plan.
Boehner’s plan is dead on arrival.  Reid’s plan won’t pass the House.  Obama has ruled out the 14th Amendment option. The only way out is that we have to pass a clean debt bill.
And I think our best bet is Rep. Greg Walden.
Now I’m clearly not a fan of his.  In fact, I’ve voted against him every time he’s gone up for re-election. But he’s not a crazy ideologue.  And he’s smart enough to know that the polling is clearly not breaking in his favor.
He’s already gone on record as supporting Boehner’s plan.  (Which again is DOA.)
He’s signed Grover Norquist’s “No new taxes” pledge.  (Although he’s bucked that before.) Getting to accept Reid’s plan may be a bridge to far. But a clean bill cuts nothing and raises nothing. It simply says that the U.S. is good for it’s debts.
He’s a senior member.  He’s got some clout with the older members.  If he introduces the bill himself, enough moderate GOP members might just come along to get the bill passed.


We are running out of time.  This may be a Hail Mary pass. But if I’ve got a choice between doing something and doing nothing, I’m going with something.

EDIT: Cross posted at Daily Kos.


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