TRAILER TROLLING: “War Horse”, “TinTin and the Secret of the Unicorn” & “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”.

-Because I am in no mood to discuss politics in any detail.  (Although I would be remiss if I did not mention that the only thing right now that’s keeping me from publicly calling Eric Cantor a cocksucker for investing in a fund that would skyrocket if we default by not raising the debt limit is my respect for my Gay and Lesbian readers who would be offended by my use of the term.  Not to mention that I have no wish to slur the fine art of cocksucking, without which our lives would be much poorer.  Am I right, guys?  Back me up here.)
So what you get today is geekery.  Politics tomorrow.  Tonight is for fun.

-So…The bearded one is coming back in a big way. First, a film about boy and his horse…

And then this bit of CGI’ed cotton candy.

On “War Horse”, I know nothing of the original novel nor the play version that’s wowing them in England.  I do know that I’m watching part of a film made by someone who loves David Lean more than he loves fresh air, puppies and rainbows.  And since I share this love, I am getting a very good vibe off of this.
Oh.  And Janusz Kaminski?  Thanks for leaving the bleach bottle at home and keeping the F stops at the proper setting.
As for “Tintin”, I remember reading a couple of the Herge books as a kid but I’ve never really revisited them as a grown up.  I do like the kind of pulp vibe the trailer is sending off. And if you’re a film that has Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright in your writing credits…well, you have my full attention, sir.

-Cue the Schrifin, Ethan Hunt is back!

Really, they open the film with the Kremlin blowing up?  Brad Bird, if your mission was to make John Milius splooge all over his keyboard while yelling “Wolverines!”, mission accomplished.
Again, this film has my attention.  The guy who made “The Iron Giant” and “The Incredibles” has a almost unlimited amount of good will stored up with me.  And the fact that Christopher McQuarrie took a pass at the script gives me additional hope that this is going to be oodles of fun.
The First “MI” was a fun reinvention of the original series.  The second was kind of a limp half assed remake of “Notorious” redeemed in the second half by John Woo’s fancy footwork.  But the third really bought back the fun while delivering a solid love story. So they’re working from a pretty solid foundation.  (Although, it doesn’t look like Michelle Monaghan is back for this one so how they’re gonna tap dance around that…)
Color me interested.  And Brad Bird, if you have a scene where Tom Cruise calls out a bad guy for monologuing, I will kiss you on the mouth.

More later.


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