Some thoughts on “X-Men: First Class”.

1. It’s a really fun movie.

2. In full discloser, my opinion may be colored by the fact that one of the writers is an old buddy from my Fort Bragg days. (Hi Zack! “Waves”.) Which is why an actual review of the film will not be in the offing. Adjust accordingly.

3. It also needs to be noted in the shadow of fact two that it’s a comic book film that was liked by both Drew McWeeny and Jeffery Wells!  If Armond White chimes in with a rave, the universe may come to a full stop.

4. Between this and “Inglorious Basterds”, Nazi hunting has been very good to Michael Fassbender. If Spielberg is smart, he’ll put “Schlinder’s List 2: The Relisting” into pre production, stat!

5. If he has any self awareness, Brett Ratner will see the film while repeatedly punching himself in the balls.

6.  If you want to have some extra fun with the film, sit behind a row of eight graders. Every time January Jones is on screen, you can hear them enter puberty.

7. In a related note, I am now more than willing to take a bullet for Rose Bryne.

8. The bit with the coin. Chilling!

9. Now Hollywood, just a reminder.  First you start with the characters, then you get really good actors to play them. Then you add the spectacle.

Again, congrats to all involved.  And on a personal note, I really need to get off my fat ass and get to work.


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