NY-26: The fuckers have become the fuckees!

So…GOP…how’s that hard choice making working out for you?

Democrats scored an upset in one of New York’s most conservative Congressional districts on Tuesday, dealing a blow to the national Republican Party in a race that largely turned on the party’s plan to overhaul Medicare.
Two months ago, the Democrat, Kathy Hochul, was considered an all-but-certain loser in the race against the Republican, Jane Corwin. But Ms. Hochul seized on the Republican’s embrace of the proposal from Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, to overhaul Medicare, and she never let up.
On Tuesday, she captured 47 percent of the vote to Ms. Corwin’s 43 percent, according to unofficial results. A Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, had 9 percent.
Voters, who turned out in strikingly large numbers for a special election, said they trusted Ms. Hochul, the county clerk of Erie County, to protect Medicare.“I have almost always voted the party line,” said Gloria Bolender, a Republican from Clarence who is caring for her 80-year-old mother. “This is the second time in my life I’ve voted against my party.”
Pat Gillick, a Republican from East Amherst, who also cast a ballot for Ms. Hochul, said, “The privatization of Medicare scares me.”

After spending the last five months going after old people, Union Members and pretty much anyone with a uterus, the GOP is just starting to find out that behaving like entitled dickheads may not be such a winning strategy.

“It’s a Republican district with a solid Republican candidate,” said Representative Peter T. King, a Republican from Long Island. “What went wrong? We definitely have to determine the extent to which the Medicare issue hurt us.”

Rep. King.  I think the answer you’re looking for is “A shit load”.
Between this and the so far successful recall efforts in Wisconsin, we may be seeing the beginnings of a backlash that could possibly get us the House back and maybe…maybe…expand our lead in the Senate.
Of course, it’s helpful when they continue to pull dick moves like this.

-– In the aftermath of Sunday’s devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo., a key House panel has approved a $1 billion aid package to make sure federal disaster relief accounts don’t run out before the end of the budget year in September.

The Appropriations panel approved the measure by voice vote as an amendment to a measure funding the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other Department of Homeland Security programs for the 2012 fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.

The disaster aid package would be financed by a $1.5 billion cut from a loan program to encourage the production of fuel-efficient vehicles. That means the new spending wouldn’t add to out-of-control budget deficits.

On Monday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said that Congress would not approve funds for disaster relief without budget cuts elsewhere. “If there is support for a supplemental, it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental,” he said. (Bold type mine.)

Yeah, that’s a sharp move.  Using money from a program that could help control climate change for victims of storms caused by climate change.  Genius, I tells ya. Genius!

Oh, by the way.  A note to my readers in OR-02.  Rep. Greg Walden also voted yes for Paul Ryan’s “Kill Medicare” bill.  Something to remember in 2012.

EDIT: 6:13 on 5/25 to remove a redundancy.


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