A brief personal note.

I had last weekend all planned.
Friday, I was going to the Town Hall event that Rep. Peter Buckley was holding at the Ashland Public library.   I was going to take the camera and grab some footage.  Then on Saturday, I was finally going to see “Thor”, having missed it opening weekend.  All in all, a full two days.
But as it turns out, my back had other ideas.
To be specific, it was the right side, just above the butt cheek.  It started at about one in the morning at the job.  Just a slight tinge.  I got on with my work and figured that it would pass.
The next day, I woke up and discovered that my back was considering any attempt to move as a personal insult. An insult that required swift and merciless retaliation.
Thankfully, I was able to crawl to my phone and call my friend, Michael Bingiham who was kind enough to drive me the the E.R. at Ashland Community Hospital.  After a good two and a half hour wait, I finally got a doctor to look at me.
The verdict, Muscle spasm.
They gave me a prescription for Tramadol and a muscle relaxer and I spent the entire weekend, moving as little as possible.
Which is why I’ve been unable to properly respond to the comments made in my last blog by Victor Howard about the whole OBL thing.  There is stuff that needs to be looked into and my head hasn’t been in the right place.  But I will be getting to this week, I promise.  But right now, the only response I can muster is, “Really, Alex Jones?”
The fun is coming.  Stand by.


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