The Birther Bullshit! And a short rant on conspiracy theories.

A few random thoughts about Wednesday’s development.

1. Much like Bill Clinton, Obama is shockingly lucky with his enemies.
For three years now, they have been screaming “Show us the long form birth certificate”.   And when he finally does, it doesn’t even come close to ending it!
(H/T to James Urbaniak for posting this at his Tumbir blog.)

By the way, his Thesis from Columbia that Gellar mentions.  That’s from a story that PolitFact debunked two years ago.  Their bullshit comes in layers.

2.  Take a look at this video and then try to tell me that this man doesn’t really cry when it’s the middle of the night and the demons come.

Seriously!  SERIOUSLY!!
“Today, I am very proud of myself…”
“I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role…”
“I feel like I’ve accomplished something really, really important…”
All this can be translated into…

“I wish I could respond to your charges that I’m stoking racial resentment for my own gain but I can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness! LALALALALALALALA!”

And I think I would be taking his statement that he’s now more interested in substantial issues if he hadn’t followed up with this…

Ah. “The word is…according to what I’ve read…”.  The spinster librarian sister to the old Fox News tacit, “Some People Say”.  You know, where you say something
inflammatory and then distance yourself by by saying, “I’m not saying it but some people say.”. Like, some people say that Sean Hannity sleeps in a pink tutu next to a mannequin with Alan Colmes picture glued to the head.  Or some people say that Ann Coulter likes to dress up spider monkeys as Victorian children and throw them little tea parties. Or some people say that Donald Trump is a raging egomaniac who trades in his wife for a newer model every ten years like an electric dishwasher.  I’m not saying but…you get the point.

3.  For the last three days, one of my friends on Facebook has been defending Trump on my page.  In one of those posts, he raised the question about why it took Obama so long to produce his long form Birth Certificate.  I responded thus…

(Friend’s name redacted.):
It’s not suspicious.
Obama waited for two years because he knew this birther nonsense was brewing under the surface. Just waiting for the right jackass to come along and make it an issue. All the while, The GOP played wink wink nudge with their base. When Trump started mouthing off, he waited for it to reach a new fever pitch and then smacked them down with the long form. There is an old Sicilian saying: “Never interfere with your enemies when they are attempting to destroy themselves.”

Now here, it gets tricky.  Out of respect for him, I will not cut and paste his response because when he wrote it, he probably didn’t expect his asshole friend to use it in a blog post.  However, he said something that needs to be responded to.  So I will just paraphrase his points and hope that I caught the gist of them.

A: The picture I painted of Obama makes him look manipulative and passive aggressive.
B: Just because I don’t think the birth certificate is suspicious, doesn’t mean that other do and shouldn’t they have the right to voice their concerns like anyone else?
On point A: Oh mercy me.  A politician who manipulative.  I believe I’m getting the vapors.
As for passive aggressive, that’s dead on.  And believe me, there’s a whole other post that could be written on that subject.  For now, we’ll just leave it at one man’s passive aggression is another’s Rope-a-Dope.
As for point B, well, that is kind of tricky.
As anyone who’s read this blog for five minutes can attest to, I am all for holding leaders accountable for their actions.  Hell, I wrote a longish post sometime back lambasting Obama for interfering with Spain’s attempt to prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes.  I got no problem with the raising of hell when the application of some hell is required.
However, there are complaints and then there are complaints.
Now the example my friend used in his comment were questions about Dick Cheney and his ties to Halliburton.  And if I have the right to ask about that, don’t they have the right to ask about Obama’s birth certificate?
Now, in the case of Cheney and Halliburton, that involved billions of dollars of taxpayer money and had a direct impact on foreign policy.  There is a case that digging into that is for the public good.
But the birth certificate thing? “Well, uh.  He wasn’t born here and for all we know, he may be in cahoots with the Muslim terrorists”.  Yeah, that’s a theory that died with OBL yesterday.
Obama has been forthcoming with the information of his birth.  The “He wasn’t born herething has been debunked over and over and over!  And yet, the birthers continue to scream, “We want more proof”. Often drowning out everything else.
(By the way, did anyone notice that the same day Obama released the long form, the Supreme Court ruled to impose limits on class action suits?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.)
Imagine this scenarioYou go to a city council meeting to make a presentation on how you want to turn the empty lot by the elementary school into a new playground.  You’ve worked on it for the past month, crunching numbers, pricing equipment, figuring out how to make a cat turd resistant sandbox.  And you head off to the meeting, confidant that you have done your civic duty…
Only to find that when you get there, some damn fool has given crazy old Hank Fergerson the mike.  And that he’s started in on what turns into a two hour rant about how the new tower for the college radio station is directly transmitting signals from Area 51 into his fillings!  And no one wants to try to take the mike away from him because his shyster lawyer grandson has already filed one lawsuit against the city!
The upshot? You can’t make your presentation and the kids are left to play at the old playground near the asbestos factory, making making cat turd sandcastles!  Score one for Fergerson!
There is a difference between making legitimate complaints and just bitching to hear the sound of your own voice.  The trick is to examine each one case by case.

Now, let me just say a few words about conspiracy theories in general.
I understand their appeal.  On one level, they’re kind of fun. I dig “The Parallax View”,”The Manchurian Candidate”, the first few seasons of “The X-Files” until I realized that Chris Carter was making it up as he went along.  In fiction, it’s really fun to play with those ideas.
But in the real world, I have issues with them.
They make things seem too easy.  They make it seem that all our problems are caused by a small cabal of shadowy figures as opposed to multiple causes that need to be addressed one by one.
At best, they can disempower you.  After all, what’s the point of going out to vote if there’s some guy in a dark room pulling all the strings.  At worse, they can empower you in the worse way. Making you spend your time and energy, chasing shadows.  Instead of dealing with the six inches in front of your face.
And perhaps the most pernicious things about conspiracy theories is that once you’ve committed to them, no amount of actual evidence can disway you from believing in them.  Hell, the more actual evidence you see, the more you cling to the theory. “All these other joker’s are asleep…but I know what the real deal is!”.

We have serious problems in this country and we don’t have time to chase phantoms.  I’m asking you, birthers, more for your sakes than mine, let this one go!

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