-For the first time in a couple of weeks, I finally got a decent day’s sleep.
Seriously, I’d been averaging about five hours a day, which had been turning my brain into the cranial equivalent of egg salad. (Which is also one of the reason why posting has been sporadic of late.)  But today, I was able to get a full nine hours of restful slumber.  And for what it’s worth,  before I went to bed, I called Greg Walden’s office about the coming threatened Government shutdown.
The moral being if you want to sleep peacefully, you need to be involved.
This has been my incredibly personal way of saying if you have a Republican representative, now would be a good time to call them and tell them that a shutdown would be a very, very bad idea! The website for The House is right here.
Seriously, if the people of Wisconsin can fill up the Rotunda of the Capital, you can make a damn phone call.

-Speaking of Wisconsin.  Somewhere, Adam Carolla is having a jealous fit over the guy who called Gov. Scott Walker, pretending to be David Koch.

For me, the highlight had to be Walker floating the idea of luring the Democrats back for “Negotiations”, only to use their presence for a quorum to push the Union bashing bill through.  Now, that is douchbaggery on a grand scale.  If there were douchebag vikings around, they would write epic poems to this.
Meanwhile, his popularity is eroding and the protests are spreading to Indiana. I think it’s safe to assume that buyers remorse is starting to kick in on the GOP.
And for those of you wondering why Obama isn’t doing more in this situation?  Look at this.

Does it look like we need Obama?  We got this one.

-Gee, Hulu Plus.  I like the fact that you’re viewable now on my PS3 but I have Netflix.  There’s not really any reason to…
Wait, what’s this about a deal with Criterion?

Starting today, there are more than 150 of our most important films online on the Hulu Plus subscription service. Over the coming months, that number will swell to more than 800 films. For the true cinephile, this should be a dream come true. On Hulu Plus, you’ll find everything in our library, from Academy Award winners to many of the most famous films by art-house superstars like Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, and Federico Fellini to films so rare that they have never been seen in the U.S. in any medium. Some of these lost gems have been so hard to see that even most of the Criterion staff will see them for the first time only when they go live on Hulu Plus! Each month, we’ll be highlighting a mix of programs, centered on themes, directors, actors, and other creative artists, as well as celebrity picks, and mixing them with deep cuts from the catalog that will be unknown to all but the most prominent cinephiles in the world.

That’s right  One of the greatest video companies ever is now putting it’s catalog on line!  That means that some thirteen year old kid in the Midwest can watch Goddard’s “Breathless” on the same machine that he plays “Killzone 3” on.
I need to write a longer post about this down the line.  But for now, kudos to Criterion for making this stuff available.

More later.


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