On the one hand, Superheroes.  On the other, Super-industrialists.  Who will win?


Matthew Vaughn has a good chunk of good will built up with me from “Kick-Ass” and there’s nothing in this trailer that diminishes this.  There is something thrilling about a comic book movie that brushes up against real events and they do not get much realer than the Cuban Missile Crisis.  And the idea that they’re fighting for the survival of a humanity that fears them has some great dramatic potential.
Also, Magneto lifts a Goddamn submarine out of the water!  Come on, how awesome is that.
And if I may be allowed to say, January Jones as Emma Frost? Growwwlll!
The only thing missing from this trailer is Kevin Bacon and his awesome swinging sixties sideburns.  But my guess is they’re saving it for the second trailer.

Up next…

ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART ONE. (Yes, damn it.  I know.  Part One.)

You I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on.  When the first dialogue exchange in your trailer turns into a political tract, you are already in walking down a long road that leads to Hardsellville.
Now, to be fair, I have never read the novel and I can’t tell you if it captures it’s spirit.  All I know about it for sure is that…
One: It’s very long.
Two: Most of the people I’ve seen who have sung it’s praises are people I would consider to be assholes. (Looking at you, Rand Paul.)
I can say that the trailer seems way over dramatic.  The lead actress looks like she was hired for the highness of her cheekbones and not her dramatic ability. (When in the trailer, she threatens to destroy someone, I feel like giving her a hug and saying “That’s adorable”.)
And every time someone asked “Who is John Gait”, I felt like yelling “John Gait IS KEYSER SOZE!”.
And seriously, trailer guys?  You didn’t think of using “Going Gait: 2011” as the tag line?  Seriously, that shit just wrote itself.
And I made this point sometime back when the project was announced that maybe right now, just coming off a major financial upheaval, coupled with the country having the widest income gap since the Gilded Age, may not be the best time to make an “Industrialists are awesome” movie.  We’re talking John Wayne’s “The Green Berets” at the height of the Vietnam War level of bad timing.
Again, if anyone who’s read the novel can confirm or lambaste the trailer’s fidelity, or lack of, to the book.  Feel free to comment below.
As for me, I’m calling this round for “X-MEN-First Class”.  But I’m willing to reconsider if in the next “Atlas” trailer, John Gait can levitate a train with his mind.

Almost forgot, H/T to Badass Digest for the trailers.

EDIT 12/14.  Grammar corrected in a couple spots.

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