-Part two of my Seattle Video.  Here are the notes. (BTW.  You may want to actually watch the video before reading.  They’ll make more sense that way.)

-First off, kudos to Vimeo for upgrading their uploader to allow for larger file uploads.  Which is why you have the option of watching this in HD.  Granted, it took about twelve to thirteen hours to upload the damn file but that says more about my internet connection than Vimeo.

-The theater we mention is Central Cinema and it’s kind of a smaller, Seattle hipster version of the Alamo Drafthouse.  I can happily report that the food is excellent and the projection the night I was there was hella sharp.  And yes, even after all these years, “Airplane” still holds up.  Anarchic comedy at it’s best.  (Bonus points for the pre-screening showing of clips from “Zero Hour”, the film that inspired the Zucker Brothers to make “Airplane”.)

-Okay.  I’ll help a little bit.
“A Serbian Film” was reviewed by Drew McWeeny last year after it screened at SXSW.  And by all accounts, it is a horrifying piece of work.  And it’s one of those movies, like Takashi Miike’s “Audition” or Pasolini’s “Salo” that I will never see because when it comes to certain kinds of imagery in films…I’m a big floaty vagina.  You may interpret that how you see fit.

-Oh.  And that John Rogers’ blog posting about “Audition” I mention to Jake, you can find it here.
And it wasn’t pantless clowns, it was naked clowns.  I stand corrected…and trembling.

-Once again, I must say thank you to Jake Merriman, Derek Sheen and Solomon Georgio for letting me include their stand up on this short.   And just a reminder, Mr Sheen hosts a terrific little podcast called “Delicious Mediocrity” which is well worth your time and bandwidth.  And for added bonus, here is a recent episode with Mr. Georgio where they discuss, among other things, an aussie strip club that caters to men with a shark bite fetish.
Yes…I know.

-And if you live in Seattle, you must, must make the pilgrimage to Scarecrow Video which is on my short list of most awesome Goddamned places in the whole Goddamned world! Do not fight me on this.  I will bite you!

-There was a lot more stuff that I shot that I wish I could include on this video.  Including my day at the Pacific Science Center and the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum where I caught a glimpse of their now open “Battlestar Galactica” exhibit.  But given the wrap around structure I used, it wasn’t possible.  But next time you’re in Seattle,  you should give these places a look.

-And again, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes these yearly trips to Seattle the sanity saver that it is.

-More later.


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