Finished cutting the first of the Seattle Videos.  Here’s some added notes.

-The actual night of the open mike, I actually got full interviews with Derek Sheen and Travis Simmons, as well as a friend of Jake’s named Moricieco. (Who’s name I hope to Christ I’m spelling correctly.)  The problem is that the background noise on all three were problematic, due to the fact that I was shooting in a busy comedy club.  This made editing the interviews into the body of the piece impossible.  I might try posting the interviews as separate pieces but be warned, they may be tough to make out.

-Travis has his own YouTube channel which I recommend highly.  And because he posts there, he asked me not to include his performance at the Open Mike that night. I did include a piece of Derek’s Open Mike set and I’ll try to get his permission to post the full thing later this week.  And as long as I’m shilling, both men have podcasts available. Travis’ is called “Funny to the Moon. And Derek’s is “Delicious Mediocrity” and both can also be found on the iTunes.

-The original plan was to present these things in full HD but as it turns out, Vimeo won’t let you download a file larger than 1000 MB. And because of the length of the first one, the highest resolution I could throw down is 960 by 540.  Also, it should be noted that I shoot with a Canon HV10 which in low light areas, creates a certain graininess.  I kind of dig the lo-fi funkiness of it but your mileage may vary.

-And yes, the shirt I am wearing is a “Team Edward (James Olmos.) shirt created by Joel Watson, the creator of the most excellent Geek Webcomic “Hijinks Ensue”.  And said shirt may be purchased at this link for either you or the big geek in your life.

-The theme music for this piece is called “A Greek Irish” and was written by Demetrois Katis and was found at and licensed through our friends at Creative Commons.  And as per the terms, the video has a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license which means if you want to do something funky to it.  You can as long as you give me credit.  And seriously, I dare someone to do a dance remix of my stand up.  I’M STARVED FOR ATTENTION!  FEED ME!  FEED ME!

-I’ve been slow getting these things done but I think I can squeeze another four or five videos out of the three and a half hours of raw footage.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

-More later.

EDIT: Corrected some text at 4:13 p.m. on 12-12.


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