-There’s a moment in the first “Men in Black” movie where Tommy Lee Jones, while showing Will Smith various alien gee-gaws points to a small disc playing device and say “This here will eventually replace CD’s”.  He then ruefully adds “It looks like I’ll have to buy the White Album again.”.
That pretty much sums up my feelings about The Beatles finally hitting iTunes this week.
Needless to say, I’m not getting the complete box set. $149 is way too rich for my blood.  And I’m sorry but I’m just not a big fan of their early rockabilly phase and just can’t see buying “A Hard Day’s Night” or “Help” again.   On the other hand, I fully expect to have “Sgt. Pepper” in rotation by the end of the week.
But also, I’m happy because there’s a whole generation of young people who have given up on physical media and now have access to this music.  And after years of being force fed Disney Ingenues and Justin Beiber, are going to go coocoo bananas when they find out what real pop music sounds like.
Unless they’re interrupted by their grandparents saying something stupid like, “You know, that’s the song that was on the radio when we conceived your dad.”
Said generation will then throw up in their collective mouths a little and go back to listening to Milly Cyrus.

-You know, I remember the last time there was a Royal Wedding.  The Pomp.  The Majesty.  Princess to be Diana was radiant.  And I forget which network had him but Peter Ustinov was on my TV, talking about the wedding with his patented style of intercontinental urbane wit.
Well, Ustinov is gone.  And so is Diana.  And frankly, so is the magic.
Yes, England.  I know you’re about to get your collective ass righteously fucked by your new coalition government.  And a royal wedding would mitigate the pain a little.  But please, do not expect me to get overly excited about two privileged white people making kissy face at each other.  I got bigger fish to fry over on this side of the pond.
For the record, Ms. Middleton seems like a very personable young woman and I do wish her all the best.  And if things start to go south, I hope she has the presence of mind to grab the jewels and bolt for South America.
Trust me, that may be the only way out.

-And then there’s this.

Yeah, when I first heard the premise, it sounded kind of jokey but from the looks of the trailer, “Cowboys and Aliens” may turn out to be closer to Chocolate and Peanut Butter than Cookies and Ass. Craig is turning the Steve McQueen up to eleven.  Harrison Ford is embracing his inner Walter Brennan.  And Olivia Wilde is…well, she has less to do in this trailer than the last “Tron Legacy” Trailer but I don’t care.
And Jon Favreau has enough good will stored with me from the “Iron Man” movies that I am ready to follow this crazy ass premise wherever it goes.  Ticket pre-sold in my mind.

-More later.

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