-A couple quick things before I bolt for the Train Station.

-This could be considered a very close call.

ABC News has learned that President Obama will not sign – or “pocket veto” — a bill that sailed through Congress that consumer groups warn would make it easier for banks to foreclose on homeowners.

The purpose of the “Interstate Recognition of Notarizations (IRON) Act — written by Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Al., and currently sitting on the president’s proverbial desk — is to streamline the recognition of notarizations across state lines.  Aderholt said in a statement that the legislation “will help businesses around the nation by eliminating the confusion which arises when states refuse to acknowledge the integrity of documents notarized out-of-state. This issue continues to be a problem for businesses and individuals who engage in business across state lines.”

The bill passed the House in April and sailed through the Senate without debate at the end of September, as Congress adjourned for the Fall recess.

But consumer groups and some state officials noted that the legislation could have the unintended consequence of exacerbating an ugly trend of unfair home foreclosures. By requiring the acceptance of out-of-state notarizations, the bill could make it more difficult for homeowners to challenge improper foreclosure attempts.

On Thursday morning, White House officials held meetings to review the legislation, with the president ultimately deciding that however well-intentioned the bill may have been, it might create too much potential for harm to homeowners at a time of economic tough times, and in the wake of a major controversy over waves of questionable foreclosures by Bank of America, JPMorgan and other big lenders.

Ellen Bloom, the director of federal policy for Consumers Union in Washington: “President Obama is doing the correct thing by vetoing this bill.  With the flood of apparent improper foreclosures, this is no time to change the rules to weaken the safeguards of the notary process.  This bill would make a bad situation worse when it comes to foreclosure fraud.”

First off, good catch by the President. (With an assist from consumer groups who cleared their throats so hard, they almost dislodged their larynxs.)  Of course, my big question is…HOW IN THE COCKY A-DOODY HELL DID THIS COCK-A-DOODY BILL PASS?
It’s my understanding that voice votes in Congress are generally reserved for non controversial bills.  You know, ones that name post offices or declares holidays not associated with black people.
In the coming days, I want answers on how this thing slipped by and for the nonce, can we please put the kibosh on voice votes?

-For the record, this jackass is running for office IN MY STATE!!

Art Robinson is running against Pete DeFazio in OR-04.  And he’s been getting anonymous help from someone who’s been placing a $150,000. ad buy attacking DeFazio who based on the above videos, is now suffering from the worst case of buyers remorse since the last time Charlie Sheen got a two for one deal on Siamese Twins. (Thank you, Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.)
Forgetting about the mysterious ad buy for a moment, it was still a terrible interview for him.  As a political candidate making his first appearance on the national stage, he came across as rude, evasive and downright argumentative.  It was so bad that at the halfway mark, Maddow actually slammed her head on her desk in frustration so hard, you could hear it.
And seriously, low level radiation is good for you?  Aids is a Government conspiracy?  It’s like a mash up of Alex Jones and Tom Swift!
The worst part is that Robinson probably walked away from that interview thinking he was the Alpha Male and that he buffaloed her real good.
Except for the fact that accusing her of quoting him out of context just made her angry…and linky!
Important life lesson.  You. Do. Not. Fuck. With. The. Maddow.

-That’s all for now.  Time to head off to Seattle.  Expect me when you see me.

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