Another Vacation Update…

Posting this week will be light this week, because I’m in full prep mode for the Seattle Vacation that starts this Friday.  I’m still finishing up the stand up routine that I’m doing for the open mike on Sunday at the Comedy Underground on Sunday.  (Provided I get a slot.) And also still blocking out the rest of the week.
Also, it looks like I won’t be providing video as it happens because it turns out, I’m a tech idiot.  The original plan was to do rough edits on my MacBook Pro and then polish the cuts using my iMac Mini.
One problem, The MacBook has iMovie 08.  The Mini has 09.
You know what you get when you transfer a file from 08 to 09?  A moving cubist painting.
Seriously, the image degradation was unacceptable and given the recent switch to Vimeo, I really want this new batch of videos to look as good as possible.
This leaves me with three options,

1) Pay $169 to update the software.  Which for a three year old laptop is just silly.

2) Take the Mini with me and hope that Jake has a monitor that I can plug it into.  (Oh, wait, he doesn’t!)

3) Just make sure I label all my tapes and then edit everything when I get back.  Which could take days.  Just as the midterms reach endgame.

While 2 would be ideal, 3 is the only viable option that doesn’t involve spending a butt load of money.  It’s just going to be a matter of making sure I catalog the tapes as I go and keeping mental notes on how I want to cut the footage together.
And yeah, the whole thing sounds terribly narcissistic.  But the videos are a great highlight of the trip.  And to be honest, given the difficulty I’ve been having organizing shoots for my comedy shorts, it’s the best chance I have to get some editing practice in.
So, keep an eye in this space.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I’ll have some fun stuff to dip your eyeballs in.


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