Waxman is screwing us!

Henry Waxman!  Shame on you! Via: Raw Story. (H/T to “The Political Carnival”.)

Legislative text put forward by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) under the banner of mandating network neutrality would instead prevent the government from requiring broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic equally.

Waxman, who has vowed that he would support the so-called ‘Net Neutrality’ policy proposals favored by most Democrats and progressives, has instead put forward an as-yet-unsettled legislative framework that explicitly prohibits the Federal Communications Commission from regulating broadband Internet under Title II of the Communications Act: a caveat key to implementation of what’s been called the Internet’s First Amendment.

Should the president sign a bill containing Waxman’s language, it would effectively kill ‘Net Neutrality’ efforts and make key parts of a hotly contested proposal by Google and Verizon the law of the land.

Boldprogressive.org has a web page with Pelosi’s number that asks you to call her and then report the results of the call.  I called this afternoon and I was barely through my spiel when the staffer I was talking to directed me to the comment line where I could leave a recorded message.  (I’m sorry but if I’m going to make the effort to make my views clear to my elected officials, the least they can do is not transfer me to goddamn voicemail!)  Let’s keep making calls and hope to hell that they listen to the fucking things!
Oh, and Dems?  When people say that there’s no difference between the two parties, this is the sort of thing they talk about.  Seriously, knock this shit off.


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