Vacation prep.

Yeah, I know.  Posting has been light the last week.  But things have been jumping at the Jensen compound in the last few days in preparation for my yearly descent into the flesh pots of Seattle.  This also included a trip to Sears in Medford to pick up new shoes, socks and underwear. (Because when papa travels, he likes to have that fresh feeling.) I also picked up an 8GM flash drive because this year, instead of fully editing and up loading videos while I’m on vacation, I’m going to do a rough edit on the laptop and then a finer edit on the new iMac Mini when I get home.  The laptop has an older version of iMovie and I really want to bench test the 09′ version.
Also, because the Vimeo channel uses Creative Commons licenses, it means I’ll be able to use music under similar licenses and not just be bound to the iMovie’s jingles list.  So that’s going to be exciting.

By the way, here’s a piece I did in 2008 to give you a taste of what I’m up to.

Regular posting will resume this week.  Pinky swear.


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